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Welcome to the Jenifer Meyer web site, home of the most beautiful pictures.

Singapore, March 2006
See Philippe's birthday party and some inline skating pictures from Singapore.

Singapore, May 2001
Jenifer can drive a bicycle and has a cute little brother.

Singapore, March 2001
On this «fifth page», it is about dressing up in a red hut!

Singapore, February 2001
Jenifer is getting cuter day by day - check it out on our latest fourth page! of new pictures from Singapore.
Singapore, Fall 2000
On page 3 Jenifer shows that she likes to PLAY, to EAT, and to SIT.
Switzerland, August 2000

On 1 August 2000, Jenifer celebrated her first birthday. Around that time, Jenifer was able to meet her grandmothers and godparents. She also was able to play with Simon, Michel, Fabienne, Celine and Lisa.

page 2 - I want to see Jenifer's first birthday party

Switzerland, July 2000

In July 2000, Jenifer enjoyed a beautiful holiday in Switzerland and met lots of relatives and friends. This summer was not as warm and dry as it usually is in Switzerland. Nevertheless, Jenifer liked her Swiss holiday and was happy.

page 1 - I want to see Jenifer in Switzerland

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